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The Kennels are light and airy and each dog has it’s own individual sleeping area and run.  All the outdoor runs are covered to protect your pet.  We have larger kennels for two or three dogs (from the same family) to be housed together.  For our smaller breeds we can provide large indoor kennels where they will not be beside large breeds.

All our kennels are kept to an extremely high standard of hygiene.  They are scrubbed between occupants and a meticulous cleaning routine is carried out every day.

Bedding and Heating

All plastic beds are provided.  We also provide vet bedding and pet fleece which is washed when needed and between use.  The best thing you can bring your dog is an old worn smelly t.shirt or jumper, as your dog will find this very settling.  All kennels have overhead heating.


Dogs are walked individually twice daily morning and evening.  This means we can build up a good relationship with the dog and caters for those dogs who prefer to do their business on grass.  We always love to play with them and their toys.


Each dog’s food is prepared individually using top brands of food.  We try to keep as close as possible to the normal routine at home regarding feed times and quantity of food, etc. Any dogs on special diets or customers who prefer to bring their own food are catered for. We always make sure our pets are tucked in at bedtime with a treat or two.

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All medication can be administered by our trained staff at no extra cost.  In the very rare and unfortunate event of a pet becoming ill whilst staying at Ballygrainey, we will call your own Vet as they know your dog and have their medical history. If your Vet is not available we will use a Vet of our choice.


Dogs must be fully vaccinated against Parvo, Distemper, Hepatitis and Leptospirosis. It is also a requirement to vaccinate against Kennel Cough. A current vaccination record must be produced on arrival.

Our Prices (Per Day) inc VAT @ 20% From Jan 2018




* 10% discount for second dog sharing

Our Kennels...

  • Light and Airy
  • Overhead Heating
  • Dogs walked twice daily
  • Top brand foods
  • Medication administered for free

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